Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hmmm....Where to go? Sex Bracelets or Ass Parade?

Bing Mobile App for Windows phones is the funniest thing I have encountered in a very very long time.

So I downloaded the app while at the pool because there are only so many hunky teenage lifeguards, soccer moms in skirted suits, and man boobs you can look at....

It has this cool feature where you just speak where you want directions to.. so I tested it.

Press the 'speak' button... I gave Bing my home address.

Bing replied back...

"We think you said:
Sex Bracelets Place Mall Milpitas or
Ass Parade Place Mall Milpitas"

Hit 'Try Again', spoke my address again..

"We think you said:
Sex Bracelet Flights"

I love my Windows phone. Iphone would just take all the fun out of it.