Thursday, November 19, 2009

Positive Neutrals

Okay, so I got news from from one of my sisters a couple days ago that my nephew and his wife are expecting.

They are young- both in their early 20s, no jobs, no insurance, no home. He's going to school and in his junior year.

Okay, okay... I know that early 20s in not necessarily young in terms of having babies. It could be worse, they could be teenagers. But, like the rest of their family (speaking of his) it is the latest occurance that points to a lack of forethought and refusal to listen to advice. However, it could have been an accident. Pills sometimes don't work, condoms break. In which case, it was meant to be, and I'm fine with that.

So what is missing about this news is the lack of comment and rush to tell me about the newest relative by my mother and oldest sister.

My husband says that they probably haven't said anything because they already know my opinion, have a hard time not expressing it and simply don't want to hear it.

Okie, dokie. I'm sure he's 100% correct. I've got an opinion, a mouth and know how to use both.

But Thanksgiving is coming, my family will be required to gather at my mother's, the baby/pregnancy will occupy probably 90% of all Thanksgiving conversation. I have to prepare myself. I do NOT need to shoot from the hip. I get into BIG trouble when that happens. (Last time that happened, my oldest sister and I didn't speak for at least 6 months.) I need carefully prepared statements and talking points. Something neutral but can be taken as supportive and positive.

Here is my starting list. Please feel free to email/comment with suggestions.

Babies are so sweet and smell like poop and baby powder.
Hope you're getting your sleep on.... cause you're going to need it.
.... And you meant to do this?!
You must be so excited and scared.

That's it. That's all I've got. Beyond that, I'm going to have to rely on keeping food stuffed in my mouth to keep from talking. Or I could chew really really slowly.

Somebody help me here.