Friday, December 4, 2009

When the cool peeps you want to know, know the peeps you'd rather not

It's a sure sign that your world has become a little too small.

Maybe I've hamstrung myself by saying/blogging about things that I wouldn't say to blood relatives.

But what are you supposed to do when friends of the people you blog about are cooler than the people you blog about and you want to let those people know about your blog and not your own family? And you have the inability to keep your big fat mouth shut about how screwed up your own blood relatives are? Because in a southern family, EVERYBODY keeps up with everybody's bizness, and if you let anything slip about how messed up your family is (including yourself) everyone will know. And the next thing you know you're getting a phone call from your sisters and your momma blessing you out about how you shouldn'tve (it is a southern word) said stuff like that and the next thing you know, your whole dang family isn't talking to you...........

which might be a good thing....


  1. Don't breathe a word to anyone who knows anyone in your family.Or they will find out.

    Trust me on this one.... I've been burned.

  2. Hey girlfriend- thanks for delurking :)