Friday, March 20, 2009

I am torn... I mean really torn..

Should I let my 12 yr old male child watch the dvd version of the Osbournes or not?

It's quite the delimma.

On the one hand, you have a family man that obviously loves his children with a passion.

And on the other, has quite the potty mouth. With his children.

What is a potty mouth parent to do?

I admit it. I have a mouth. I can string a bunch of dainty expletives together like no one's business. So I GET the Osbornes. Or is it Osbournes? I also have Irish friends so I also understand that the f-bomb is much like salt and pepper... just something you use to add flavor. It's not REALLY cussing, it's just normal language.

But try explaining THAT to my husband.

For GOD'S sake... he considers the word FART a cuss word! (how the hell did I end up married to him?... incredible intelligence, sense of humor... I repeat it over and over) I tried explaining that it's just part of the culture. but to him... f-u-c-k means the "act"....

I'm starting to consider immersion therapy.

Kind of like 'A Clockwork Orange" . where they pry your eyes open and give you drugs to affect your reaction to it.

But back to the Osbornes's .
I love trainwreck television. I love watching the Girls Next Door... I would so love to party with them. Except that I would be a fat cow compared to them.

And I love the Osbornes's. Not for the cussing. but because of how amusing and how it resembles my own trainwreck... except for the mansion in Beverly Hills, and the dog shi**ing on the couch, and the money, and the ... well.. you gett the picture.

So should I let my 12 yr old watch, against the husband's wishes because of the language or just buy the dvds and give them to him on his 16th birthday?


  1. The way I see it, it's nothing he hasn't heard before. I LOVE the Osbournes. Fuck yeah.

  2. I'm with Sue, let the kiddo watch. Hey, it's not like you can ever understand what the fuck Ozzy is saying anyway!

  3. Hrm. The question here truly is: How much will this come back to bite you in the butt later? A la "but, Mom, the Osbournes did it!" when he's 16 and doesn't understand that celebrities age faster than the general population. Weigh the pros vs the cons and what you are ready to deal with. ;)

  4. I have to gauge those ponderings by how many questions will I be asked about it.

  5. Problem is, the actual dvds have much more stuff on them than the mtv version. My husband has no problem with nudity, but the F-bomb, whoa!

    I did call my 12 yr old a "puss" yesterday because he didn't want the workmen to see him in his pajamas.